Econet’s Elevate System Is Having Challenges, Yomix Bundles Not Working


If for the past 48 hours or so you have been having trouble logging into the Yomix app then you are not alone. It would appear that Econet is having problems on its Elevate platform upon which Yomix sits. For me and others that means you can no longer use your Yomix bundles.

For me, there was no warning, one minute I could go online and the next minute I couldn’t. I rely on Yomix bundles when out of the Office and as a backup and suddenly I was stuck offline. Although I knew there was no way I had run out of data I could not check to verify this. You need data to access the Yomix app. When I did get back on WiFi I was getting a cryptic error saying:

Sorry you are not allowed to use this service.


One customer who got in touch with Econet about the problem received the following response:

Hey Elevator, please note that we are currently experiencing a system challenge on Elevate and this affecting the YoMix platform resulting in failed login and service disruptions. As a result of this challenge we are not able to retrieve customer reports for details including passwords and PIN numbers for the Elevate platform. However, our technicians have been engaged to get the issue resolved. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.

The downtime exposes problems with Yomix

When it was launched we clearly could see the value of Yomix and hoped it would be eventually opened up to all customers. That still has not happened. However, we pointed out that Yomix despite being sweet had a lot of problems.

  • There was the fact that the Ecocash integration did not work well, Econet is still working on this
  • You need data in order to use the app which means when you have run out of data you have to either look for WiFi or buy data so you can buy data
  • The data requirement also means that when you have run out of data you cannot check how much data you have left, you have to buy data to check and see if you have run out of data
  • There is no data running low warning, they just pull the plug
  • A lottery pricing system-okay the last one has not been exposed by the downtime per se but how does the pricing work really

I suggest two fixes: a low data warning and zero rating the app. I am also patiently waiting for the day when they finally integrate with Ecocash, buying airtime just so I can convert it to Yomix bundles is doable but annoying.

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