Folks In The Diaspora Wanting To Invest in Zim Can Find RBZ’s ‘Diaspora Desk’ Useful

RBZ Building entrance

In order to attract investment from Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) set up a Diaspora Desk which provides the Diaspora with necessary information about investing here. As the RBZ puts it:

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has put in place a Diaspora Desk within the Foreign Investment Department that has the responsibility of facilitating investments into the country from the Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

The so-called Diaspora Desk facilitates Diasporans investments through:

  • Providing relevant investment information
  • Providing investment opportunities available in Zimbabwe at the moment
  • Processing of  Diasporans investment proposals
  • Answering Diasporans queries and also taking suggestions

How to use the Diaspora Desk services

Perhaps because not many Diasporans use the Diaspora Desk since they don’t know about the existence of the initiative, the RBZ hasn’t yet thought it wise to launch a portal or platform to deliver the Diaspora Desk’s services. Rather services of the Diaspora Desk can be accessed by contacting the RBZ through a phone number and a couple of email addresses.  That means you’d have to call (a specific line) or send an email (to specific email addresses) to the RBZ.

I’m pretty sure that when the Diaspora seem interested, in decent numbers, to use the Diaspora Desk, the RBZ will likely migrate to the more relatively expensive option of launching an interactive portal or platform.

Contact details of RBZ’s Diaspora Desk

Phone number: +263 242 703000,

Email address:

Foreign Investments Department email address:

Exports Department email address:

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