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Hands On With Zim’s First Social Media Marketing App, Spredr

Social Media Marketing

WhatsApp groups have always been a great source of information and I was pretty sceptical when I came across Speedr. When I initially heard of what the app does I wasn’t even going to take a look at it but the moment I realised that it’s actually made by Zimbos, I had to take it for a spin. So how does this social media marketing app work?

Social media marketing?

For those of you who are not entirely familiar with how this social media marketing works here is the gist; you use social media to market products and services. It’s not as complicated as the name may suggest and though I’m just getting to grips with Speedr here is how the application works according to Speedr;

  1. When you download the app you get a Unique Referral Code which you use when sharing promotions on social media
  2. The referral code allows us to track all your conversions and account for your commissions
  3. Whenever you share a promotion and there is a conversion, your dashboard is updated in real time with your commissions
  4. At the end of every week, your commission is automatically transferred to your EcoCash account if it exceeds $20

So basically the idea is you can use your social media profile to promote local brands and every time there’s a promotion you get a cut. This kind of method is usually a sure-fire way to make some bucks but it’s usually more effective if you have a larger social media following to take advantage of. Anyway, this didn’t stop me from signing up giving the app a run for its money (or my money).

Right now there are only two things you can promote. The Spredr App and EcoLedger which is a pretty cool app. I can see the application actually being useful once there are other services to promote and maybe the developers of this would be better served approaching Econet and having the option to promote their apps through this channel as Econet seems very interested in promoting their applications. And if with a reasonable claimed payout of 40c per install from your link the more apps there are to share the more you stand to make from the application.

I’ll use the app more actively over the next few days and If I manage to reach the thresholds necessary to cash out, I’ll come back and report my findings.

Download Spredr for Aandroid (Spredr has their own referral code suggested when you signing up and that’s 3334444)

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  1. One needs to be careful of stuff like this. It is annoying and probably illegal to be bombarding others with unsolicitied marketing/ promotions

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