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How The Ecocash USD Wallet Experience Can Be Improved

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So yeah, good thing that Ecocash introduced the FCA wallet for USD transactions. Of course this is only a good idea to the extent that they have good USD liquidity to make the movement of money from one end of the country to the next possible. Let’s assume they do.

The thing I would fix about the user experience is this:

The current set up

Right now if you want to use the USD wallet you go through the menu to Wallet Services then Multiple currencies and after that select to use the USD wallet. I am supposing here you already know how to use the FCA wallet and you already subscribed to it.

The problem though is that once you have selected to transact with the FCA wallet it becomes your default until you change back to the RTGS wallet. This is a problem because one can forget that the active wallet is the USD wallet and send USD’s to some person whilst intending to send Zimbollar. This almost happened with a colleague!

A mistake on sending money can be reversed more or less easily but if you were paying for a good or service you will be tossed to and fro to get the reversal you need especially if you are dealing with an uncooperative merchant.

What I would change

The simple change I would make would be to allow users to subscribe for the FCA wallet and once they do to introduce a single extra step on performing transactions for the user to choose which wallet they want to use. This way, users don’t need to shuffle between one wallet and the other and risk sending the wrong currency to the wrong person. They decide on which currency just before sending or paying for stuff.

Of course my way is not necessarily the right or best way. It’s possible the majority of folks prefer the current set up. I am too forgetful perhaps and I am fearful of sending the little greenbacks I wish kunhonga (to come across) to the wrong person.

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