Is YoMix Finally Open To All Ages?

If you’ve met Econet agents who prompt you to sign up for Econet apps such as YoMix, Kwese iflix, Vaya and Maisha (Ada) you may have gotten the idea that Yo Mix is now open to all ages. The agents have been asking people to download and sign up for those 4 applications and they have been asking people outside the 16-34 age bracket to sign up for YoMix.

One of my colleagues who are outside that bracket was convinced to download the YoMix application and for a moment we thought that maybe YoMix has finally been opened up to all ages (which would be very cool) but alas that’s not the case.

We got in touch with Elevate on Twitter and asked them if the Yo Mix application and bundles are now accessible to all ages and their response was clear:


YoMix is currently available to Elevate Youth Members aged between 16 and 34 years.

So why are the agents misinforming the people?

Well, the agents have a target number of installs they have to meet and sometimes you’ll notice that they’ll ask you to install the apps whilst you are still with them and if you do they might even take a screenshot of your phone but usually they’ll just ask you to fill out some book that they have that’s got all the names and numbers of the people they managed to register. I once got asked to register for iflix by an agent and unfortunately, I had forgotten my phone at home but they insisted that I sign-up and make sure that I register as soon as I get home. So I reluctantly filled out my name and

So there might be a case of two things going on here; either the agents know exactly how all the apps work but they don’t particularly care about how useful the applications are and instead, they are focused on getting more installs which means more commission for them. On the other hand, they might not actually know how these apps work and they are convincing people to sign up for Yo Mix, thinking that like Vaya, iflix and Maisha there is no age-barrier to use the app. Whatever the case is Yo Mix isn’t open to all ages and it still is a youth-focused product and I’m sure if Econet decided to open it up they would make a lot of noise about that.

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3 thoughts on “Is YoMix Finally Open To All Ages?

  1. Wonder why Econet suddenly are discriminating on this service I have seen it from my children who are happy about the bundles yet I am the one giving the money!

    1. Haha don’t think of it as discrimination, think of it as a “special something” they are doing for the younger generation

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