OneMoney Subcribers Here’s How To Get Your Free Debit Card

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If you’re a OneMoney subscriber then you’ll probably want the free debit card that comes along with your subscription. It’s an extremely convenient way to transact and something that most EcoCash subscribers have been deprived of since they are not part of the Zimswitch network.

Anyway if you want to get this card and you’re newly subscribed you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Fund your OneMoney account with at least $1
  2. You may fund your account via cash, ZIPIT or receiving money from another subscriber
  3. Receive your free debit card at a NetOne shop and make sure it gets linked while you wait
  4. To link your card  use the shortcode *111*6*7*Debit card number#

If you’re an existing customer the steps are similar except you’ll already have an account. I personally prefer using a card rather than fiddling with the USSD codes whilst at tills so this is definitely one advantage that OneMoney has over EcoCash.


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  1. Anonymous

    is the onemoney mobile app function. its not working on Xiaomi MiA1 with android pie operating system. When it was working it used to crash when i attempted to get number from the app, whether it was to top up, or send money.

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