Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone? Action Dash Could Help You

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If you’re on Android 9, Action Dash is probably not useful for you. Android 9 comes with a pretty cool feature called Digital Wellbeing and this allows you to see just how much time you’re spending in each application. Of course, this information could allow you to better your smartphone habits

If you’ve used Digital Wellbeing,this will definitely feel like a Deja Vu

So because Android updates are terrible and no one really has Android 9, Action Dash: Digital Wellbeing & Screen Time Helper is a worthy replacement which does pretty much all the same stuff that Digital Wellbeing does. The app can track the following;

  • How much time you’ve spent on your phone and in which apps;
  • How many times you’ve unlocked your phone;
  • How many notifications you’ve received


You can also set a timer for a daily notification if you want to be receiving updates on your usage patterns on a daily.

If you decide to pay for the full version of the application then you’ll get a few extra features;

  • A dark mode
  • No ads
  • Full usage history that goes beyond a week
  • “enhanced stats”
Is privacy a paid feature?

Interestingly, “Privacy” seems to be one of the features in the Plus version. I’m not sure if that’s to say that your usage data is viewable to third-parties if you’re not a Plus user but it is a bit peculiar.

Download Action Dash on Android 

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  1. Well, get Microsoft Launcher or Screen Time, these apps have better ratings and do not have ads. Purely free apps.

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