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Steward Bank And Other Brands Associating With ‘Ndinyengeiwo’ Social Media Girl, Maybe OK For Others But Bad For The Bank

So a lady called Lorraine Guyo posted a video on social media some weeks ago. In the video that then went viral she was asking guys to ask her out before Valentine’s day so she could celebrate the day with someone.

After the video went viral, some people started circulating some nude images of a girl who they claimed to be Lorraine. Of course there was a battle on social media with some defending Lorraine against the unfair attack and others pocking fun at her.

Things got bad and it was alleged that Lorraine was fired from her job at Meikles Hotel only to be reinstated after an outcry.

Brands hi-jack Lorraine

Mambo’s Chicken who have always had these interesting but controversial adverts snapped up Lorraine to be their brand ambassador. So did the clothing retail, Jan Jam and the new mobile phone brand, Avion. It makes sense for these brands to want to ride the social media wave like this.

They are consumer brands that are steeped in consumer culture and it was a good move for them to take advantage of the topical Nidnyengeiwo video. Also, they took the opportunity to stand behind a woman who was being attacked for posting a meant to be hilarious video. The attacks she got were unfair and of course bring to light the ever present politics of gender.

But Steward Bank

Steward Bank could not let the train just slide by. They joined in the fun and did a photo shoot with Lorraine Guyo and spewed some rhetoric about giving her a good Valentine’s… I don’t think that was smart.

I have always admired how the Cassava Smartech owned bank has sought to redefine financial services and to reach out to the masses in unorthodox ways but I think there are certain lines that you don’t want to cross.

Steward Bank must remember that they are a bank and not a celebrity who wants to show up at every party and be on every lip. Publicity doesn’t always translate to customers. By choosing to be part of every conversation they will discover that they may wake up having alienated customers and potential customers.

People want to keep their money with institutions they can trust and judge to be stable and not necessarily ones that know what’s happening on social media.

Also, as much as I believe attacks against Lorraine Guyo were unfair and that there was nothing wrong with her video, there are people who strongly believe the opposite. As in all things politics, supporting one side is equal to offending the other side. Steward Bank must learn to pick their fights.

Influencer Marketing and risk

A financial institution has to understand the importance of it’s brand. Influencer marketing is effective for fashion and similar consumption products not for brands that seek to communicate solidity. What if after associating with Lorraine today and then tomorrow she does something outrageous?

What track record does she have that they can entrust their brand with her?

Of course it could be work

End of day, marketing is as much an art as it is a science. Art is not always predictable. Maybe Ndinyengeiwo videos will be proven to work for a banking institution. After all Steward Bank have been doing this kind of thing for a while now and they now have the most accounts of any bank in Zimbabwe. I don’t know though how much this translates to deposits.

We wait to see which video goes viral next launching another regular person into the advertising world most likely spoting purple…

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30 thoughts on “Steward Bank And Other Brands Associating With ‘Ndinyengeiwo’ Social Media Girl, Maybe OK For Others But Bad For The Bank

  1. For a professional institution, they are acting like a siyaso outfit. Yesterday it’s the chicken inn proposal, today it’s the ndinyengeiwo girl, Lord knows what will come tomorrow. It’s ridiculous.

  2. I hear your argument but i think that kind of publicity will yield positive results for the Bank. Stewart bank has positioned itself to dominate the Informal sector (social media is handy in this sector)

  3. ….When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her…….

    1. Not even judging her. I have no problem with Lorraine. I am just of the opinion that Steward Bank should pick it’s fights

  4. Your opinion is interesting though its nothing more than just an opinion. May I compare this to how businesses used to view IBM vs new PC guys like Apple and Microsoft back in the 70s. The lesson they must have learned is that guarding a tradition doesn’t ensure or guarantee your survival. The banking industry is one such industry where so many things have changed and traditions tested. The people that give them work don’t necessarily need all those attributes you state.. they simply want to transact.. period. I feel that steward is growing because they’ve been very successful in identifying themselves with a wide market from very young to very old so you’ll have to appreciate that not everything they do will make sense to you.. no every message is addressed to you because you are not the whole market. None the less, I do appreciate your opinion which is a good representation of your demographic.

    1. Hahaha I like how you have put me in the old and boring demographic.

      Yes, I agree that SB has not attempted to be like everyone else which I have supported mostly through articles here. I do think branding is different though.

      BUT I could still be wrong and out of the target demographic as you put it…

  5. Thats 3rd world line of thought there isnt anything wrong with that , how many footballers and actors have such scandals but they still clinch endorsements.. baba shero had his episodes and red cross stood by him

  6. Techzim guys, I think on the other side, you ought to have listen further to ; In this interview she talked about Steward bank, and I guess the bank saw an opportunity to reconnect with her; I think your opinions are dominating hear without even contacting the bank on their thinking. I may be difficult to say what can a bank not do or do in such a time in Zimbabwe 🙂

    1. But this video you shared there is all the reason why Steward Bank should have stayed away from her. The conversation iyo is not a conversation to endorse as a bank and with Acie for that matter
      Come on!!

  7. I am for sure one such person who got offended by Lorraines behaviour. what will this teach our young girls. I wouldn’t see her as a role model tho the point of using her as a brand ambassador. in fact i am surprised to learn this is what Steward is like. It will not be my bank of choice for a while.

  8. It is true, the bank gave her the gift because she said all her life she received one gift and it was from Steward bank. It was one rose and she greatly appreciated it. She received it on merit of a customer who expressed gratitude not because of the video. Period!!!!

  9. There is nothing special about a retail bank…it’s no different than a tuck shop ,they pay interest on deposits & on-lend at a higher rate plus establishment fees & bank charges

  10. The writer has mixed up things indeed one for sure is he doesn’t know this Steward Bank . Could you part with Nandos becoz of a political advert like the Guptas? Steward had everything to gain for the benefit of the doubt am silly enough to leaving them over this

    What brought us to them is not Lorraine in the first place

  11. Steward Bank wants kunyengwavo so that they can benefit from the chikomba, you nyega Steward you finance Steward and will be laughing all the way to the bank. Unwittingly you have generated free traffic for Steward, see how many people are talking about Steward Bank now. To me Steward is brilliant they know how to ride on the social media wave, it’s Ambush marketing at play.

  12. Steward Bank should behave like a bank,not jumping to everything that comes on social media mungazvipedze here? thats why people do not take the bank seriously.

  13. Steward Bank, is actually closing a gap and is actually appealing to all those people who love Lorraine or sypampthise with her, stuff like this doesnt necessarily to follow through as deposits but it helps with their social capital

  14. When it comes to marketing there are no boundaries. The art of marketing is ever evolving, you cannot go by the traditional marketing strategies and expect to be heads and shoulders above everyone else. Infact the outrageous marketers are getting the most mileage these days. The whole point of standing out is to be different

  15. imi moti havadiwo here stonyen,all represantatives of companies named,time shall tell,scandal

  16. been following this story deae writer whe the was interviewed by Lumumba she was asked if ever she has received any valentines gift from anyone in the past and the girl responded that the only gift she ever recieved was from steward bank in one year personally the moment l heard that l knew steward bank was going to do something for her so dear writer maybe you missed that part of this ndinyengeiwo story

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