TelOne Looking For Software Developers And IoT Network Developer

TelOne is on the lookout for software developers. They have issued out a call for expressions of interest by those who are interested in offering those services and other stuff they want like the supply of routers.

The telecoms company is not specifying exactly what they need to get done, maybe for competition reasons. However, from our interactions with them, they seem to be seriously on this drive and so we think they are definitely building something. We have forwarded our database of developers so they can reach some of them directly.

One of the specified areas they want to engage someone is to build an Internet of Things (IoT) network. This is of course exciting for geeks like us. As the internet of things continues to be a growing reality in our day to day lives it’s obviously necessary for TelOne to make sure that their network is robust enough to have enough capacity, security and be able to have systems that can analyse large streams of data among other things.


TelOne may also be transitioning themselves into the now popular technology-media-telecoms (TMT) business model which a lot of telcos are adopting across the world. They already have DEOD, a media offering and maybe thinking of offering IoT based technology services.

Good for them if they are going that direction. Telcos can’t afford to remain dumb pipes that offer connectivity. Money is in services.

One thing not so cool is that they are acquiring these services through a tender process. Such processes are sometimes too dull for some of the best talent out there and they just won’t bother. Interested persons are being asked to visit 4th Floor Runhare House and pay $10 for tender forms… These processes suck.

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