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Tempered Glass A No For Fingerprint Reader On The Samsung Galaxy S10

The latest and greatest from Samsung the Galaxy S10 makes use of a new type of under display fingerprint reader. It’s called an ultrasonic fingerprint reader and this tech makes use of high frequency sound waves to read your fingerprint.

It works like sonar and generates a 3D map of your fingerprint making it both faster and more secure than the optical under display fingerprint reader. While the optical fingerprint reader fails if your finger is wet or dirty, the ultrasonic implementation on the latest Galaxy device is non functional when you apply a tempered glass screen protector.

The 2 glass surfaces distort the high frequency sound waves responsible for reading your fingerprint resulting in failure to authenticate. Plastic screen protectors don’t seem to be an issue though so that might be the only option you have of protecting your Galaxy S10s Dynamic AMOLED Panel while keeping the functionality of the under display fingerprint reader.

You can check out the visual demo from the video below. Credit goes to MKBHD

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