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The EcoCash App Is Currently Down For Some Users

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It seems there are some issues EcoCash app users are facing when trying to use their mobile money application. The error is basically making the app unusable and anyone opening the application is met instead by an error message locking them out of the application.

Some users trying to open the application are being met by an error saying:

There are problems with the security certificate for this site.

The app proceeds to close itself after and if that’s your preferred method of EcoCash-ing then you have to go old school. Thankfully the USSD menu is working as expected which means you can still transact via EcoCash if you absolutely have to. Yes, it’s a slower option but it’s the option many users are accustomed to anyway so this won’t be a big issue.

What could this error mean?

We’ve reached out to EcoCash reps to understand what exactly is going on with the application and we’re still waiting for their response. Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept data you send to the server. This is the scarier scenario but there could be something simpler and less sinister at play. This error also occurs as a result of a browser that does not recognize the authority of the certificate and is one of the most common problems which then presents an error message saying there is a problem with the security certificate on the page. In order for the security certificates to work, your device must already have a root certificate. Your browser already contains a list of root certificates for trusted certificates. When a website certificate does not match any certificate authority on your browser’s list, you receive an error message.

Technical mumbo-jumbo aside this could mean that the EcoCash app is being updated and somehow the security certificates in that newer app are not aligning perfectly with what already exists in our browsers. The fact that the application isn’t opening also means you’re pretty safe even in the highly unlikely event that there is some interception of any sort. Hopefully, the more convenient way of transacting will be working soon.

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2 thoughts on “The EcoCash App Is Currently Down For Some Users

  1. Currently you cant buy zesa coupons using ecocash.we are wondering why that platform is always so problematic.

  2. I am on roaming and I keep getting this Certificate error…am stuck. Need to urgently send money back home. What’s the solution please

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