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“The Twitter Account Is Mine” Says President Mnangagwa. He Posts His Opinions And Sentiments On It

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Reports that the Presidential communications department is dysfunctional are probably true because so much contradictory is being said. Last week Presidential spokesman, Goerge Charamba said we shouldn’t believe things said on the President’s Twitter account.

But now the president himself is saying that we should believe what he says on Twitter because it’s his account that he communicates his opinions and sentiments. The Mail and Telegraph reported that the President said:

The Twitter account is mine and every information on that handle is a reflection of my sentiments and opinion.

As if George Charamba’s statement was not enough, Deputy Minister of Information, Energy Mutodi recently said that the President’s tweets are not official.  All this is now confusing us. The problem with this is that the day the President’s Twitter account tweets something very inflammatory and divisive, probably no one will claim any responsibility and accountability to those tweets.

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