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This Is How Group Invitations Will Work On WhatsApp

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You may have heard about the cool new feature that will soon allow WhatsApp users to grant their contacts permission before joining a group. Though the feature isn’t available yet there is now more information regarding how exactly it will work and it looks like you will have a lot of control over who can invite you. WhatsApp BetaInfo, the most reliable source when it comes to information regarding WhatsApp, has released some images and information detailing how group invitations will work.

More control

Similarly to how WhatsApp allows you to tweak who views your status, you will be able to choose who can and cannot add you to groups without your consent. Choosing Everyone will result in the user being able to be added to any group (the way it already works). This means even if you don’t have someone’s number they can add you to a group as long as they have yours. My Contacts option will allow only your contacts to add you to a group and then Nobody will mean that every time someone wants to add you to a group you will receive a private invite which you can either accept or reject.

As soon as this update is available I’m going to go to my settings and make sure that Nobody is the default setting. There are few things as irritating as being added to a random group and now you’ll have the control to select which ones you join and which ones you avoid like the plague.

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