Winky D Is Winning The Second Unofficial Race Against Jah Prayzah As MuGarden Goes Viral On YouTube


In case you missed it there is, perhaps, an unintended YouTube video war between Winky D and Jah Prayzah. On Monday 11 February Jah Prayzah uploaded his Kunerima video after realising a teaser image of him and Misred embracing. A picture that set tongues wagging before people could put it in context.

Thanks to this brilliant piece of marketing and as is typical of Jah Prayzah’s videos, the Kunerima video started raking up views. A full three days later Winky D uploaded his own video, MuGarden, featuring Gemma Griffiths which has taken the whole Zimbabwean internet by storm. Despite being the last to get uploaded it has now overtaken Kunerima in terms of views.

In fact, MuGarden has spurred a challenge contest where people inspired by the Adam and Eve story appear dressed in flowers and leaves as they dance to the video. This has further fueled the interest around the video.


Jah Prayzah is the undisputed Master of Zimbabwean YouTube. His video Watora Mari was one of the quickest to cross the 1 million views mark. MuGarden may well surpass that, it currently has 539K views 4 days later. If the momentum holds it will pass the 1 million mark soon, probably faster than any local video.

This is the second square off

This isn’t the first time an accidental YouTube square off between Winky and Jah Prayzah has happened. The first such video race took place last year. Winky D’s Paper-Bag was uploaded on 2 November while Jah Prayzah’s Dzamutsan was uploaded the following day on 3 November. For a few days, it looked like a head to head race until Blaq’s creation disappeared beyond the horizon with over 2.5 million views while Winky D’s Paper-Bag remained stuck at under 300K views.

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