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You Want To Study Abroad? Zimbabweans (Africans), Here Are 8 Websites To Find Scholarships

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It’s now 3 weeks since A Level results are out and many school leavers are looking for Universities to go and pursue their preferred program. There are some who want to pursue their education beyond the borders but to do that they need (financial) funding. That is, they are looking for scholarships to study in the UK, US, Australia, China to name just a few.

The problem is, sometimes it can be tiring to look (one by one) for Universities that are offering scholarships. But don’t worry, I have done you a favor of compiling a list of websites that, in turn, compile universities and institutions that are offering scholarships. Here are my 8 best websites that show you where you can find scholarships:


AfterSchoolAfrica is wholly dedicated to providing scholarships to Africa students only. You can search for a scholarship according to nationality, university, the level of study (undergraduate, postgraduate etc.) etc. It even offers tips on how to secure certain scholarships.

2. ScholarshipPortal –

ScholarshipPortal is almost like AfterSchoolAfrica in many ways as you can sort scholarships according to the level of study and other things. However, it doesn’t feature scholarships for Africans only, but also for other countries around the world. So you need to make sure that have sorted the scholarships so as to show only those offered to Africans.

3. ScholarsHubAfrica –

ScholarsHubAfrica is in every way similar to AfterSchoolAfrica. Furthermore, you can search for scholarships according to their deadlines.

4. Advance-Africa –

On top of the things offered by the abovementioned websites, you can also subscribe to a newsletter that notifies you about the latest scholarships.

5. Scholarship-Positions –

It also offers scholarships for other countries so make sure you in a category that is relevant to you, which is Africa (for scholarships offered to African students). Scholarship-Positions also gives detailed information about student housing and student insurance. For me its the best site to look for scholarships.

6. Scholars4Dev –

Its one website I highly regard too because of its large repository of scholarships. You can also suscribe to get email notifications of the latest scholarships. Not only does it list degree scholarships but, it even gives you Diploma scholarships.

7. TopUniversities –

It also caters for everyone, so search for African scholarships (just click the link I have given you above). Additionally, on TopUniversities you can see the rankings of many universities so that you know where your preferred university stands on the global or regional stage.

8. InternationalScholarships – 

InternationalScholarships is very much like the above websites. Unlike other websites that give you notifications in your email only, you can create an account on InternationalScholarships and get notifications in that account.

Good Luck!!!

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