Cassava Launches EcoSure Rescue Services

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EcoSure Rescue Service Ambulance

So a week ago Cassava Smartech bought MARS ambulance services and for those trying to make sense of that, we simply thought this purchase was made in order to add more variety to the Vaya ride-hailing application.

As it turns out it wasn’t only about Vaya and EcoSure is also going to be one of the major beneficiaries with the introduction of EcoSure Rescue Services which is only possible because of the recent MARS purchase. This new service will allow you to add Rescue Services to your EcoSure Funeral plan for only $2/month. The package, which was launched today by EcoSure in partnership with MARS, will allow existing and potential EcoSure policyholders to register and get access to Ambulance services throughout Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the launch event, Natalie Jabangwe, EcoCash CEO and Interim EcoSure CEO Natalie Jabangwe said:

We have consistently managed to harness the power of technology to meet people’s needs, and we are proud to allow Zimbabweans across all social strata and economic sectors to access affordable insurance cover by simply dialling *900#

How to access EcoSure Rescue Services:

You can access EcoSure’s Rescue Services by following these simple steps:

  1. Dial *900#
  2. Select option 2 EcosSure Funeral Cover
  3. Select option 1 EcoSure Plus
  4. Select option 4 Rescue Services (MARS)

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