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Cyclone Idai: Remittance Company Partners GAIN Cash & Carry To Help You Donate Effectively

UK based remittance company, Zympay has partnered up with GAIN Cash & Carry Whelesalers to enable people in the diaspora to donate to Cyclone Idai relief efforts in a safe and accountable manner.

There has been a lot of initiatives to mobilise resources for the families affected by the natural disaster. Most are well meaning and genuine but there has to be some that are shaddy schemes by con artists who are usually quick to pounce on any opportunity to make easy money.

Here on Techzim we have been promoting some of the initiatives that are being driven by credible businesses to help you explore options that will ensure your contribution goes to the intended beneficiaries. You can check out some of these options here.

The Zympay and GAIN Cash & Carry partnership is one such option for the diaspora. Zympay CEO, Dakshesh Patel said this:

We all wish to support a needy cause but it is the manner with which we plan and deliver such gifting in a responsible way is the solution we need to develop”. Patel goes on to say, “having a trusted partner in the receiving country gives us all the reassurance and confidence that each dollar donated is deployed directly and in an efficient manner to assure maximum value and impact to communities affected by such natural disasters

What’s it all about

Zympay which already facilitate remittances mostly from Europe into Africa is big on helping Africa’s diaspora to pay for bills back home directly. They partnered GAIN Cash & Carry some time back to allow folks in the diaspora to buy grocery vouchers which relatives back home can use to buy groceries at GAIN.

They are just extending this system to Cyclone Idai relief donations.

Zympay’s contributions is that they are waiving all transaction costs for the donations. They are doing this in partnership with another Zimbabwean company, Syntegra Solutions. Craig Spong, MD for Syntegra says:

We are delighted and proud to be working with Zympay and GAIN Cash and Carry to deliver a contemporary, digital solution to provide diasporans and donors with a new way to collaborate to deliver a smart way to make payments and support communities in times of need, irrespective of their geographic location

The GAIN Cash and Carry Marketing Manger, Carl Kusada says:

We have been working with Zympay on a cross border gift voucher service and we knew that we could use the same innovation to develop and execute a smarter way in which donations could be used directly by us to supply and deliver much needed essential supplies working in tandem with Relief Teams in the affected areas. GAIN has already donated Maize Meal and sanitary pads to affected communities and we were beyond thrilled to join forces with Zympay to create a ‘Cyclone Idai grocery voucher’ on the Zympay Global marketplace

Rates, rates

The donation facility is offering a competitive exchange rate of 1:4 (USD:RTGS) or if you use the pound it’s 1:5. For example, your donation of $25 or £20 will contribute 3 bags of 10kg of Maize Meal and 8x2L bottles of cooking oil to families in need

How does it work?

  • Register at
  • Select Zimbabwe and click on the category ‘Shopping’
  • Select GAIN Voucher ‘Cyclone Idai’
  • Select amount you wish to donate
  • Pay using a debit/credit card; select PIPIT if you want to pay at any UK Post Office using a QR code we send you ; for large amounts you can select to pay by bank transfer to Zympay
  • We send you an auto email confirming receipt of your donation and also send you another email when the voucher has been delivered to GAIN to action
  • GAIN pick and pack products required; arrange their own logistics management to deliver such packages to the Relief Team at the designated drop zone for onward transport into the challenging terrain and distribution to families affected
  • GAIN issue a detailed invoice setting out all products procured at wholesale prices and delivered
  • Zympay send out email update to all donors to ensure there is transparency and accountability of all funds raised and deployed

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  1. What concerns me and many others is how is all these donations going to be distributed evenly to all who have been effected? And not just those who support a certain party? I just pray for once all will be helped. Shame all those people who didn’t even know what a cyclone was and how damaging one can be. How there was zero work done to evacute or warn people. Maybe only a few knew. How disgraceful.

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