DStv Response To Fake Letter About Shutting Down South African DStv Accounts In Zimbabwe

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

DStv has now officially dismissed a letter that is circulating on social media about shutting down DStv South African accounts being used in Zimbabwe. Here is the letter:



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  1. Nyasha (@wisdomzw)

    There you go. MultiChoice will not shutdown these accounts because of the huge revenue they are getting from it

  2. wedlock maduku

    Even Techzim cldnt seperate real from fake news. You went on to publish an article without checking for facts. The fake notice was not communicated through Dstv official channels. Lazy bloggers.

  3. DK

    If it closed the accounts in 2008 I would understand

  4. Mutochimwanyamauchiisa muhombe

    The english in the letter was so bad, punctuation was just chaos, i dismissed that letter becoz of that. Company hombe haingambonyore marara iwayo

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