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UPDATED: EcoCash Is Back Up Again, There Seems To Be A Pattern To This


It now sounds like a broken record. (By the way for our generation Z readers: a broken vinyl record would repeat the same part of the song over and over. This is what we used to have before cassettes, CDs, memory sticks, memory cards or spotify). So yes, it’s now a broken record that EcoCash is down or working again.



The mobile money platform is working again albeit with slight hiccups but it’s safe to say those will disappear soon.

There seems to be a pattern to this though especially with the data app. Since Thursday last week, the app has been out of commission every evening. It just stops working around 7 or 8 in the evening. Let’s hope this is because they will be working on it, fixing stuff.


For context, here was the state of affairs on Sunday:

This time it’s worse because sometimes your transaction can go through for example to pay a merchant. However, the merchant may not get a notification that you have actually paid or worse be told that your payment did not go through.

The EcoCash app is not working completely. Most problems have been coming from the app in general.

Be careful with transactions till this is resolved. You may find yourself in a dispute with merchants on whether you paid or not and it will take quite the effort to get some of these issues resolved.

Typical broken record: we will update you when the problem is resolved.

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  • I hear the world is about to change. I hope they are not part of those on the extinction list

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  • mine is not working well, i transfered 150 from bank to ecocash .... but its no where to be found its in mid air .... bank has subtracted the balance ..... and Ecocash has not recieved....

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  • Definitely down .checked again 1645. . At least they should tell us beforehand so we can move money across

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  • Yes, this is more innovation from Econet so that they can get permission to increase their tariffs. Brace yourselves for more problems, till they get Potraz to bend to their will.

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