UPDATED: Econet and EcoCash Services Currently Now Available, After Some Unscheduled Maintenance


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UPDATE: The USSD platform for Econet services and both the app and USSD menu for EcoCash are now working properly. Hopefully the maintenance work happening last night resolved the hiccups that have been happening on these platforms.


The below is no longer relevant. We are just keeping it for reference:

Some Econet platforms cannot be accessed right now. They are saying that they are doing some maintenance work. EcoCash is not accessible completely whether via the mobile app or USSD. A similar reason is being given for the USSD platform whilst the data app is just timing out and then claiming that whoever is trying to access is not connected to the internet.


Econet are usually very good at communicating such anticipated down times well in advance. This time they just pulled the plug. This could mean there is an emergency of sorts and they could not wait.

There has been a number of problems on the Econet platform lately. Maybe this is their attempt to clean house once and for all. A bit inconvenient on a Friday night though.

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3 thoughts on “UPDATED: Econet and EcoCash Services Currently Now Available, After Some Unscheduled Maintenance

  1. Its so sad that i had to find it out the hard way too. At least they should tell us before pulling the plug.

  2. Maybe it is time that people realise that ecocash does not have the capacity to drive this economy forward. The system glitches are just inconveniencing.

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