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Econet Launches Omni Contact Which Does Sales & Customer Support For Any Company That Wants


Omni Contact is Econet’s new Business Process Outsourcing company aiming to handle businesses call centre solutions along with other business needs. The gist of their pitch is that by taking these services off the hands of your business, your business will be able to focus on its core activities.

So what will Omni Contact take care of for you?

Otis Makahamidze Omni Contact’s Chief Customer Experience Officer gave a presentation on the newest service and it will do more than just managing your calls. The other services you can get from them include:

  • AI Chatbots for Social Media & Websites
  • Customer Loyalty & Retention Management
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Customer Intelligence & Predictive Analytics
  • Market Research & Intelligence Surveys
  • Social Media Management & Social Listening
  • Sales & Customer Acquisition
  • Debt Collection Services
  • Customer Experience Consultancy
  • Technical & Helpdesk
  • Inbound Customer Engagement

One of the biggest questions businesses may have regarding this new service is pretty simple. Why would I ask an Econet-owned business to handle my calls when getting through to the Econet call centre is nigh-on impossible. Well, I asked that question to the Business Development Officer Farisai Murombedzi and she explained clearly why the call centre experience for your business will be easier to manage than that of Econet. Econet has over 7 million subscribers and that makes it quite difficult to attend to them but your business won’t have to support those kinds of numbers.


Startups are welcome too

In terms of pricing, Omni Contact wasn’t committal at giving rates and instead said they first assess what your business needs and then quote. They did, however, say they would make sure your business is saving costs, which is something you would expect them to announce.  They did, however, say they had the capacity to assist startups, which sounds a bit far-fetched once you start thinking of how many startups are struggling with funding. Of course, that claim could be accurate but with pricing being on a consultative basis it’s hard to know for a fact who can and can’t afford.

Two week FREE trial period

Because Omni Contact believes this offering will be valuable to every business they announced that they will offer businesses a two-week trial period at no cost and then you can decide whether or not you’re committing which is a pretty confident approach to business. If you’re interested in the trial you can get in touch with Omni Contact via email;

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