EcoSure Revised The Pricing Of Premiums A Week Ago. Here Are The New Prices.


In 2014, EcoSure was launched replacing the disaster that was EcoLife and ever since it’s launch, EcoSure prices have not changed. Unfortunately owing to the changes in the economy EcoSure recently revised pricing of their service. This is something we only came across after we scoured EcoSure’s pages following the recent fiasco that saw the insurance brand register users without their consent over this past weekend.

The new prices have been in effect since the 1st of March and you may have noticed a difference in the amount autodetected from your EcoCash if you’re registered on EcoSure. Here are the new pricing and payout structures for EcoSure:

EcoSure PackageOld Pricing New PricingOld PayoutNew Payout
EcoSure Lite$0.50$1.00$500$1000
EcoSure Basic$1.00$2.00$1000$2000
EcoSure Standard$2.00$4.00$2000$4000
EcoSure Premium$5.00$7.50$5000$7500

Basically, the 0.50c premium has been cut off and considering how prices have gone up it’s hard to fathom how far $500 can go towards footing a funeral.


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