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GB Instagram Is The Instagram Version of GB WhatsApp – It Has Lots of Additional Features Too

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Instagram is one of the most trending social media platforms for photo-hungry users. The app is used to share pictures and videos, either as a post or as a status update with your followers.

No doubt, you have come across the irritating problem that you can’t download any pictures or videos of anyone on Instagram. This is really annoying since sometimes you’d want to save some pictures or videos of your favorite stars or of our friends into our Gallery.

But don’t worry guys, today I’m here to share an amazing app you can use to do this. The app is called GB Instagram. Haven’t you heard of this name before? Surely you have heard the ‘GB’ bit that is usually associated with GB WhatsApp.

What is GB Instagram?

I’m fairly certain that you are well aware of modded apps like GB WhatsApp which unlocks some great benefits of an application that are restricted in the original one. In the same way, GB Instagram is a modded version of Instagram which enables you to perform some specific actions on Instagram which are not available on the original Instagram application.

Is GB Instagram Safe?

One question that immediately comes to your mind is: Is GB Instagram is Safe to use? Its not 100% safe. By doing reverse engineering and extracting code from the original apk file and then modifying the orginal code is not safe at all. However, it depends whether the developer who modded the APK writes any malicious code which tracks your actions or personal data. So I wouldn’t advise you to use GB Instagram because there are relatively higher chances that your data or security could be stolen or breached.

Features of GB Instagram

Here are some features listed which make GB Instagram more useful and different than the original Instagram app.

  • You can download any Images and Video in full resolution.
  • You can hide that you saw someone’s story.
  • You can mark any message as a starred message.
  • You can translate Comments to any desired language.
  • You can copy comments.
  • You can use two Instagram accounts on the same Instagram app.
  • You can Change the Conversation Theme and many more things.

Download GB Instagram here if you want it.

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