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Here’s Whats REALLY Happening With South African DStv Accounts In Zimbabwe

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First of all, we would like to APOLOGIZE for publishing an article earlier on which said that DStv was banning South African-registered Accounts (SRA) of customers who are in Zimbabwe. DSTV never said what was written in that document. In fact, DSTV (be it Multichoice or DSTV South Africa) hasn’t said anything at all of that nature.

However, the origins of that fake document is of significant interest. The story is mixed with fraud, conspiracy, and incompetence on the part of some local DSTV installers (agents) and DStv South Africa. As a matter of fact, that document is ‘alleged’ to have been forged by some DSTV installer (or many DSTV installers).

What’s been happening

Apparently, there were some DStv subscribers in Zimbabwe with South African-registered Accounts (SRA) SRAs that were paying half-price to watch any DSTV bouquet since last year. Sweet deal for customers. This was made possible through the exploitation (or manipulation) of DSTV South Africa’s subscription system.  And of course, DStv installers were part of the syndicate to make this fraud an overnight success.  A bouquet that should have cost you R 120, you’d pay just R 60 to access that bouquet when you subscribed via some shady installers.

Installers were using a very simple technique to ‘trick’ DSTV’s subscription system. When SRAs initially get registered, they get 2 weeks of watching DStv for free. So if your DSTV SRA is deregistered and the ownership is transferred, then DStv’s subscription system deemed the decoder as a new account holder hence you’d get the 2-weeks freebie. Accordingly, the DSTV installers exploited this loophole by switching customers’ accounts between deregistration and reregistration them- and the shady installer pocketed those half-prices you gave them to pay your half-priced subscription. As easy as that.

Unbeknownst to customers was that this cycle of deregistration and reregistration was making them accumulate debts with DSTV. The debts were incurred as result of the accumulation of reconnection fees which DTSV says the account holder should pay “if services have been disconnected due to non-payment or late payment”.

The drama starts

It so happened that DSTV found out about this trick/fraud and it decided to reconfigure its system. Therefore on Monday (this week) its subscription system finally closed that loophole. The shady installers who were involved in this shady deal started to feel pressure from subscribers who were paying those half-prices. But above all, they started to feel pressure from customers who, having called DSTV South Africa, were told that they were owing DStv hundreds of Rands.

Guess what the ‘smart guys’ (the shady DStv installers/agents) did to cool down the pressure they were getting from DStv subscribers (who they were dealing with)? They sat on their computer and started to design and write a memo addressed to Installers saying that DSTV South Africa was shutting down South African registered decoders/accounts (SRAs). And they started to circulate that document on social media.

Way forward

I feel sorry for customers who were duped by their trusted installers. Now they owe DStv hundreds of Rands. The sad news is that there is nothing you can do about it because DStv doesn’t endorse the use of SRAs with people outside South Africa. Even if you go to Multichoice Zimbabwe, it won’t help because it’s illegal to have an SRA when you are in Zimbabwe. Evidently, you cant seek recourse anywhere. Therefore you just have to take the hit and honor your Dstv debt.

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12 thoughts on “Here’s Whats REALLY Happening With South African DStv Accounts In Zimbabwe

  1. Now you decide to put in the effort to research your articles, because you published fake news. Do your research all the time, not as an act of redemption. Never heard of this scam though. You seem to have acquired a very detailed explanation in a short period of time. Let’s hope you verified the claims made.

    You must also note that it is not illegal to have a South African registered decoder in Zimbabwe. Multichoice Zimbabwe won’t help you because they only deal with Zimbabwean registered decoders. Please keep the drama in check.

  2. its true what they are saying i am not surprised at all,well i didnt go through the fake article because i knew it was fake…you guys should research before you publish something not be those who always apologize

    well i was surprised when i emailed DStv SA to clear an error message only to find out that i was owing DStv a thousand rands and from them i stopped to subscribe,i doubt if those agents are paying even a half of the amount😥😥😥

  3. Its now difficult to believe anything you guys say, coz of your shaddy publishing will have to factcheck this first..

  4. Its true guys I’m not affected but I’ve seen one person who was affected by this

  5. Techzim APOLOGISED and are giving you the correct information but you still choose to blast them for their small mistake. (Place rolling eyes emoji here). It has always been illegal to have an SAR outside SA. I don’t know if we should feel sorry for people now owing to DSTV. Did it never occur to them to question why they could view SABC while the rest of us could on access ZBC on our decoders? Surely it should have raised some flags and all it required was a phone call to DSTV to get clarification. But they probably knew it was illegal and went ahead with it anyway.

  6. DStv is to blame as well, we should be allowed to pay our subs through our bank accounts and the will make it easier for all Zimbabwean subscribers.

  7. The reason why people have to go to those people is the unfair treatment date treat non South Africans for example SS3 does not broadcast important games such as the uefa champions league whilst the same station in SA broadcast that. So because of that unfairness we opt otherwise

  8. While you have gone to great lengths to atone for your fake article your journalism and reporting is still shallow. There are some SRAs in good standing (R0 balance) that have been disconnected. This could be to do with the geo-satellite what what. Good journalism would be to ask a comment from both Multichoice SA and Zim as to the official position.

  9. MCZ should offer same content on ss3 & ss3 africa to avoid such frauds, because customers are desparate for better content

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