Hwindi Lowers Prices For Their Ride-Hailing App

[Image Source: Hwindi Twitter]

In this economic climate whenever you hear of a price-drop you can’t help but feel the urge to spread the news and fortunately for me, I work in media.

Hwindi has announced that following the Monetary Policy Statement a few weeks ago they will be reducing their pricing by a significant 15%.


The announcement was posted to their Twitter page and it reads:


Dear Valued Customers

Price drop due to the Monetary Policy which has seen forex rate drop This has result in our overall price drop of more than 15%

NEW Hwindi Price = Base Fare + Distance travelled + Time travelled.

Standard CAB using RTGS$ we charge RTG$2.00 per kilometer, RTGS$0.10 per minute and base fare is RTGS$2.00. This translate our price to approximately RTGS$2.30 per kilometer

Standard CAB using USD we charge USD0.50 per kilometer, USD 0.03 per minute and base fare is USD 0.50. This translate our price to approximately USD0.60 per kilometer.

Effective 4 March 2019

This is great news and for some of us who had abandoned using ride-hailing apps since the fuel increase back in January.

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One thought on “Hwindi Lowers Prices For Their Ride-Hailing App

  1. Thank you. Vaya had begun fleecing us. Hail to anti-monopoly, phambili nge competition!

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