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Local Startup Hiring Remote Developers

It’s no secret that jobs are not the easiest thing to come by in this lovely country of ours. Whenever there’s an announcement of jobs, depending on the field ours eyes light up and we can’t help but spread the word. This was exactly the case when we bumped into this listing for a remote working developer position at Text Aid.

Now, this was our first time bumping into Text Aid and we are yet to actually have a proper chat with the guys behind that startup to fully understand what it is they do. What we do know is that the Co-Founder at Text Aid Munayaradzi Hoto posted this job listing on his Twitter page and we couldn’t help but spread the word for him. We will be getting in touch with Text Aid to better understand what they do but for now, here’s the job listing:

Full Stack Developer (Working From Home)

We are looking for several .NET developers with at least four years experience developing web-based applications to join our exciting start-up on a permanent basis.

As a member of a small but ambitious  development team, you will play a crucial role in architecting and developing the TextAid system using some of the latest technologies in the industry. Our main technology stack is based on C#,ASP.NET, Angular, SCSS, TypeScript, Entity Framework and Azure.

TextAid stands on disrupting an entire industry, so we will aim to seek out innovative and enterprising individuals for the available roles. Also, as the team will be collaborating remotely (with frequent Skype meetings/communication),team members will require strong self-organisational skills and be reliable.

Essential Skills

  • Git
  • C#
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework Core
  • SQL Server & T-SQL
  • Azure and Azure Ops
  • Angular 7
  • TypeScript
  • Visual Studio & Visual Studio Code
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Agile
  • Continous integration/delivery
  • Testing (unit; accessibility; perfomance)
  • IoC
  • TDD
  • Microservices

What we managed to gather from glancing at TextAid is that the startup “allows health insurance providers and medical service providers to operate optimally and deliver better health outcomes for patients, thus reducing the net cost of healthcare and insurance provision.”

Want to apply?

If this kind of gig is appealing to you can email and they’ll walk you through the rest of the application process.

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