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MTN Copies Techzim, Launches It’s Own WhatsApp Airtime Service 😉

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Weeks ago Techzim launched it’s own WhatsApp airtime service where you can easily buy airtime from within the comforts of WhatsApp. Well, MTN could not just help themselves and in a fit of jealousy, they too launched their own WhatsApp bot-shamelessly calling it the world’s first.

We are not going to make this a race thing by calling our service a world first. Did MTN executive call us asking us for our secret source and other deets right after we launched our easy WhatsApp airtime buying service? No, that’s just a rumour.

On a serious note though did MTN copy Techzim and launch their own airtime service? I can neither confirm or deny this, you will have to ask MTN. All I know is that we launched our service before MTN launched theirs.

So how can you buy airtime using WhatsApp?

First you need to register for the WhatsApp airtime buying service. This is a one off thing. Click on the link and tap send to send the resultant message.

After registration you can start buying airtime by following these simple steps:

  1. Send message to the Techzim Marketplace number (the one you joined). The message should be in this format
    Amount#Number to recharge#EcoCash number e.g 1#0712000111#0772888999
  2. You will be asked to confirm the transaction on your EcoCash phone. Confirm it by entering your PIN
  3. The airtime is sent to your phone directly.

Registration is once off. Once you are registered you can buy airtime at any time by just sending Amount#NumberToRecharge#EcocashNumber to +14155238886. You will be charged a meagre 5c for each transaction.

Please note this is number is monitored by a bot. You cannot chat with us on this. If you want to talk to us send us a WhatsApp message on our support number +263774685241.

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9 thoughts on “MTN Copies Techzim, Launches It’s Own WhatsApp Airtime Service 😉

  1. That’s just another rumor obviously spread by our enemies. We did not copy anyone. We were first in the world! We were the first to create a blog too. People didn’t even know what it was before we came along.

  2. I do not really understand the value of doing this. I am paying via Ecocash for airtime for myself? Is this so? Meaning I am too lazy to just buy direct using USSD on my own phone? Enlighten me please.

  3. Yeah I have to admit there is not much value when buying airtime for your Econet line using Ecocash but what if you want to buy Africom, Telecel and Netone airtime? Not only to you avoid the pain of multiple USSD steps you actually get to buy airtime for networks other than Econet and you would still be using Ecocash.

    Now I declare you enlightened. 🙊

  4. is it the scarcity of innovative ideas thats causing this needless wailing over who copied who.

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