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Multichoice Zimbabwe Promoting The Payment Of Zim DSTV Accounts In South Africa

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Zimbabwe’s currency crisis does not seem to be going away any time soon. That means paying for DSTV, the popular Pay TV service is still a hustle.

Multichoice Zimbabwe does not directly receive payments. Payments are done through partners mostly banks. The partners are only accepting payment in USD because Multichoice South Africa can only receive such. Not everyone in Zimbabwe has USD and thus we have a problem.

Some folks in Zimbabwe had been taking advantage of this situation and helping locals pay for their DSTV accounts using South African channels. Of course some Zimbabweans preferred to have South African accounts instead and yeah, the obliging ‘dealers’ made that happen too.

Unfortunately, some of the ‘dealers’ decided to run a scheme where they would take advantage of a billing loophole on South African DSTV accounts. By exploiting that loophole these guys would get paid subscriptions by their Zimbabwean customers and not remit them to South Africa at all but still manage to keep the subscription alive by taking advantage of some promotional freebies Multichoice offered. You can read details about this scam here.

This led to some drama a couple of weeks back involving some fake news etc. We are quite sure you know all this.

Multichoice Zimbabwe is now advertising in local media letting Zimbabweans know that their Zim DSTV account can be paid for in South Africa. They are hoping to target folks with relatives in South Africa (all of us) who can pay for their account.

How can your relatives do this?

When paying for a Zim account in South Africa, your relatives must not use your account number. They should use the Zim country code 11687 plus the first 10 digits on your smartcard. I mean, your smartcard not your account number.

The currency to pay with is the South African Rand

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