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No Robert Mugabe Did Not Say These Things: How To Spot A Fake Robert Mugabe Quote

Robert Mugabe

You all remember Robert Mugabe right?  I mean come on we literary did not go to work on his birthday like a few weeks ago. Guy used to be president you would see him country and globetrotting in his famous Armani and other rich label suits as he sprinted up plane steps-quite energetic for a nonagenarian don’t you think.

Robert Mugabe is also known for his nothing held back speeches where he eerr held nothing back and spoke his mind in his easily recognised staccato baritone. Over the years the man said some outrageous things and spoke truth to power.

There has however been a rise on social media of the most outrageous quotes supposedly of Mugabe origins. I know my country is often the butt of jokes but I think some of these jokes go too far and indeed some people are taking up these fake quotes as actual truth.

I take particular offence at blogs from countries like Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and nearby countries. A number of blogs from these countries carry an assortment of quotes usually of a “relationship advice nature” which they attribute to Robert Mugabe.

No Robert Mugabe did not say this

For the avoidance of doubt, His former excellency ( is that what he is called?) never said anything resembling this. Nor did he say any of the following things:

  • If you are ugly, you are ugly. Stop talking about inner beauty because men do not walk around with X-ray machines to see inner beauty.[There is a video doing rounds saying he said this. He didn’t.]
  • Whenever things seem to start going well in your life, the devil comes along and gives you a girlfriend.

Okay, the rest of these misogynistic quotes are not even fit to appear on this here. In case you are wondering here is how to spot a fake Robert Mugabe quote: If it has nothing to do with politics, Marxism, colonialism, equality, pan Africanism or telling white people off he almost certainly did not say whatever it is he is being accused of saying. In fact, the man was not known for his relationship advice.

Robert Mugabe for all his faults does not appear to have been a misogynist. He is just a bigger than life character along the lines of what Che Guevara was to South America. A bigger than life character whose notoriety is being exploited to give credence to socially unacceptable ideas.

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9 thoughts on “No Robert Mugabe Did Not Say These Things: How To Spot A Fake Robert Mugabe Quote

  1. Nice article Techzim.We were tired of these messages on social media.Thanks for enlightening us

  2. No but he did order the massacre and eviction of thousands of people after the safe and peaceful Rhodesia was torn down by the mindless thugs of the communist powers. Those stupid quotes you put above may not be what he said, But one of the true and racist quotes that he has spouted out against just simple white farmers trying to make a living would be this. “The only white man you can trust is a dead white man.” -Robert Mugabe on foreign relations. Now you people live with a broken economy and disease running rampant. Rhodesia was racist, But Ian Smith was trying to make both races equal and free of racism. But when a black majority communist party started killing civilians it ruined all chances of that until the bush war ended. I’m not racist, I have black friends, I have white friends, I have asian friands, and I have hispanic friends, But the fact that people are praising Mugabe, This disgusting racist communist pig, It sickens me.

    1. How many dead blacks did the White people leave? Mugabe was 💯 percent correct on this one.

    2. How many dead blacks did the White people leave? Mugabe was 💯 percent correct on this one. Rhodesians are dead

  3. His chain of degrees , leadership skills, selfishness and reaction to criticism brought this misery Zimbabwe is faced with.

  4. One value people should have learnt from the RGM era is that no individual or organisation is flawless – criticism is a critical element of any beneficial process/discourse in life…..but witness the mindless boot-licking in Zimbabwe especially towards politicians and “men of the cloths”. The lesson hasn’t sunk in some quarters because of “30 pieces of silver”….against rampant poverty, hopelessness and desperation.

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