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Social Media Marketing App, Spredr Business, Will Allow You To Make Money On Social Media

So a few weeks ago, I played around with Spredr, a social media marketing application and in my short review I remember mentioning the one drawback that app had:

Right now there are only two things you can promote. The Spredr App and EcoLedger which is a pretty cool app. I can see the application actually being useful once there are other services to promote
And with a reasonable claimed payout of 40c per install from your link the more apps there are to share the more you stand to make from the application.

Spredr Business addresses that complaint and comes with plenty of new services to promote making it worthy of a look if you’re considering making some money online. In essence, not much has changed between Spredr and Spredr Business. Spredr was an initial proof of concept meant to feel out the market whilst Spredr Business is the fully fledged app.

Users still share adverts and get paid though the terms of payment have now shifted slightly; Users will get different amounts depending on the type of engagement their posts get. For impressions (views) users will get 1c per view and then for each conversion (action) users will get 20c.

The team working on the app explained to me the difference between views and conversions and to be honest I can’t explain it any better:

Every view is fingerprinted – so if one person views an advert a thousand times, thats just considered as 1 view.

However, where a person takes a specific action on an advert, like contacting the advert owner, or visiting their website, we pay out 20 cents to the person who shared the advert.

If no one takes an action on the advert, the maxim view you can get for $1 is 100.

The maximum unique views an advert can get for $1 is 100 (assuming no actions taken).

Because businesses can now set up their own accounts and post adverts for users to share this becomes more convenient than having the team working on the app do the business integration. This way the app becomes self-regulating and the more popular it becomes the more incentive there is for both businesses and users to join the app.

If you’re popular and you have quite the influence on social media this is a great way to make some dollars and it will be interesting to see what this application grows into. Hopefully, it becomes popular and our influencers can use it to boost their bank balances.

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7 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing App, Spredr Business, Will Allow You To Make Money On Social Media

  1. Tried it, seems like there is a glitch when it comes to doing payouts, it says you can only do pay outs above $5, but when I try it says insufficient funds, seems its still a work in progress

  2. After using the app for about 2 weeks I have come to the conclusion that its more of a scam, no commissions are transfered to you, this is actually a waste of time

  3. I will applause these guys for such a good idea.BUT the development (of app) was either rushed or poorly executed, you could notice some errors in the UI – I could literally see separate frames on the white background . I installed the app but the plethora of updates turn’t me off but i would give them props for such an idea. I did something similar it failed not due to poor planning but people didn’t really understand what was going and most thought of it as a scam. After so many scandalous scams the epoch being MMM, it would take time for people to trust this. ALL I AM SAYING IS THE PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE ARE NOT CUT OUT FOR INITIATIVES LIKE THIS.

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