Social Media Reactions To Vimbai Zimuto’s Obscene Photos Mourning Ethiopian Airline Victims

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Social media (particularly Instagram) has gone wild with the singer, Vimbai Zimuto’s obscene picture she posted yesterday on Instagram as her way of mourning the devastating Ethiopian Airways air crash.¬†Before, yesterday’s accident she had posted other obscene pictures to celebrate Woman’s day last week on Wednesday.

Whilst she says that her picture is an artistic expression of the accident, her followers have a different say. Some are saying that it’s just her stunt of trying to get Instagram Famous or draw attention on social media. There has been a worldwide trend lately of people doing weird things or going to great lengths so that they draw as many followers and likes on their social media as they can- some are even faking deaths just get attention on social media. That’s why some people are saying that the Netherlands-based singer is trying to harvest followers by posting controversial obscene pictures. I suspect that you now wonder at the kind of influence social media is having in influencing our conduct.

Anyhow, before you see the reactions of her followers, you may want to check her picture (s) (by clicking the link below). But I warn you the pictures are obscene as I have said before.

Here are the reactions to her picture(s)

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  1. Tatenda Madzingira

    Just a quick opinion. I feel by using the word “obscene” in the headline and in the article you are already expressing a strong negative view towards the picture/post as opposed to simply reporting on it. A more neutral alternative could have been “explicit”.

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