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Steward Bank Launches WhatsApp Banking- Now Do Your Banking Whilst Chatting On WhatsApp

Steward Bank has introduced WhatsApp Banking, a service that its customers can use to access various banking services on WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp is the most used app in Zimbabwe, this service only serves to give Steward Bank a wider reach and places its banking services within their reach.

Imagine checking your bank balance, performing transactions, buying airtime, and transferring money on WhatsApp, instead of doing it in Steward bank’s standalone app. By using WhatsApp Banking, Steward Bank’s customers forgo the use of those costly data bundles to access Steward Bank’s banking services on its standalone app since now they can access the same banking services with cheap WhatsApp bundles on WhatsApp.

Of getting started

To start using this WhatsApp banking service, it’s pretty much like initiating a chat conversation with your friend on WhatsApp.  You first save the Steward Bank WhatsApp number 0777222333, send “Hi” and you then start to communicate with a virtual assistant (bot) called Batsi, which will effortlessly and easily take you through everything that you want to do.

For those concerned with privacy and security of accessing these banking services on WhatsApp, they should rest easy because the end-to-end encryption afforded by WhatsApp is quite secure. Anyway, check out more things you can do on Steward Bank’s Whatsapp banking service include:

  • Account Opening.
  • Account Services.
  • Purchase Airtime.
  • Buy ZESA Token.
  • Send Zipit.
  • Pay Bills.
  • Internal Transfer.
  • Balance Enquiry.
  • Payments
  • Customer Services.

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