Telecel Also Has New Tariffs, It’s Not $2.28 Per Minute


We are still waiting for Econet to give us official confirmation on whether they made a typo that implied that their per second billing will result in calls being charged at $2.28 per minute.

It’s most probably a typo but we will assume that’s what they are charging us until they say otherwise. However, it’s not just Econet that changed their tariffs: Telecel did too.

The new calling tariff for Telecel is now $0.22 per minute or $0.0037 per second. This is just a simple division, no complications like we have seen with what Econet announced.


Data prices have not changed on Telecel. Out of bundle browsing remains at $0.07 per MB.

SMS has gone up though, they are now charging you $0.07 per every text you send.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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