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The Widow Is Another Barely Watchable Insult To Africa

I have to be honest when Amazon gets it right they do it right. Case in point their take on Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan. It is a riveting tale of deceit, murder and terrorism. Usually nowadays when T.V shows dish out episodes on the subject of terrorism it usually involves handsome, fearless macho American operatives thwarting cartoonish garb wearing terrorist who, for no reason other than malice, want to destroy America.

Seriously though you should check out Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

The Widow is something else

The flip side of the coin is that when they do get something wrong they get it wrong indeed. I should know I spend 8 hours of my life watching their new series: The Widow. After Black Panther, it is a return to the Western retelling of series that we don’t want.

In it Africa is one endless jungle, Africans have AIDS, are dirt poor and all live in shanty little townships that would make Brazil’s favelas look like paradise. White people are smart and good, black people are evil and dumb. Behind every business is a white person.

Kate Beckinsale takes a break from Underworld to play white barbie who comes to save us all. Like all the main actors in crappy action productions, she kills hoards of evil white and black men and leaves the continent unscathed. She is unflappable throughout even when facing entire armies.

Yeah, I could waste your data bundles telling you about this series’s plot but I am not going to do that. If you were thinking of watching this or saw a disk with this nonsense being sold by some vendor I am here to tell you to save your dollar, buy a banana or something.

I should know I watched the entire thing. There went 8 hours of my life.

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6 thoughts on “The Widow Is Another Barely Watchable Insult To Africa

  1. We all see what we want to see. I saw a highlight on the plight of child soldiers. Exploitation of African resources, by NGOs and aid workers. Yes, there was one person who had AIDS, a white guy. It wasn’t even portrayed in the “Africa has AIDDDSSSSS” manner you are trying to put across. They made mention that AIDS is very treatable, a positive fact everyone should know. Albeit, the treatment can be very expensive, a point which also came out. It was also nice to see a Zimbabwean actor, Melgin Tafirenyika, get a role, as well as a South African girl of Kenyan descent, Shalom Nyandiko, who acted quite well.

    So, for me, I say spend that dollar. Bananas will never run out anyway!

    Surely, if it sucked to watch the first 2 hours of the season, why bother with the other 6?

    1. Before the PC police arrive, it is HIV which is treatable, and becomes AIDS when it’s left untreated, or as late-stage HIV.

  2. Guys take a moment to reflect on the fact, that in Africa we don’t have to repeat the same mistakes other parts of the world are making.

    This whole snowflake, professional offense, injured, down trodden, mistreated thing…. its nonsense and it takes us down a path, which has nothing we want. Look at them in America, being so offended, that they can’t be offended enough, and they’re just eating themselves, for what?

    They got money, they got access to products, services and technology that we simply do not, they can go any time and get petrol, they don’t have to fuss about bread.

    Please, when we got the basic s*** of life taken care of, Then yes perhaps we can look into this far left social nonsense.

    If we want people to stop telling stories like these about Africa, how about improving Africa so that those stories don’t fly…

    No matter how hard anyone wishes it. there is no Wakanda in Africa, its entirely unrealsitic. The premise of it is a troll, about the situations in various African countries.

    So, no… don’t bitch and complain, if you want to change peoples views of this continent, then give them reason to change their views.

  3. South Africa, which is arguably one of the most developed African nations has 7.1 million people with HIV, thats nearly 20% (18.9% to be exact) of their population. Pretty full of HIV…

    Approximately 47% of the population of Africa is living in poverty (less than US$1.90 per day).

    Things such as corruption, an nepotism run rampant in Africa.

    If we want people to tell different stories about us, then we’d better get a handle on these problems.

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