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Tired of Chatting On Facebook Messenger? Start To Play These Addictive Games With Your Facebook Friends

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Facebook is the number one social networking site where you can get connected with family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. On the platform, you can share your favorite pictures and videos, make text chats and videos calls and more.

Apart from this, Facebook is becoming one of the best places to play games online through its Facebook Messenger app. Messenger has thousands of games which you can play alone or with your friends. The best thing about Facebook Messenger games is that they are very lightweight- meaning they don’t eat your memory and they load quickly.

Here are some of the best games you can play on Messenger

Pac Man

Pac Man is a classic game that comes back from the 80s. You can still play in Messenger with the same classic feel as not a single bit is being changed in it.

8-Ball Pool

Of course, Pool is another popular one. Just challenge a friend to get started or challenge Facebook itself. The game offers you two mode, 8 Ball Mode, and the 9 Ball Mode- it all depends on you which one you want to play.


In the games, you have a single chance to kill aliens and score maximum points you can. The game offers you simple and easy to follow controls. Just slide back & forth to shoot the spaceship.

Basketball FRVR

Facebook’s basketball game, Basketball FRVR has you shooting a basketball into the ring with a simple flicking movement. Each basket is worth more points than the one before, but if you miss one shot, you are out.

Daily Sudoku

If you like noodling sudoku puzzle in the daily newspaper, then try this game on the Messenger, I’m sure you won’t regret it. The game offers you three different levels easy, intermediate, and the hard. Quickly fill up all the boxes to earn more points.

Golden Boot

The is a game dedicated to soccer fans. It has a straightforward concept. All you have to do is beat the goalkeeper and hit the goal. Hit more targets to earn more points. Leveling up will also increase the difficulty level for hitting a goal.


Almost every one of us has played Solitaire in our life, but now you can easily enjoy it with your friends on Messenger. You can easily play a match against your friends in real time and with the same common rules for both.


You have to play as a fairy who has to kill never-ending demons. During this, you have to collect maximum coins, use them later to improve your weapons.

How to access these Messenger games

To play these games, you need to switch to Messenger’s Game section. For that, tap on the Discover icon and choose Games. This will take you to the screen which has a never-ending list of Facebook Messenger games, simply tap on the Play button next to the game and you are ready for the blast.

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