Track The Direction Of Cyclone Idai In Real-time On This Website


Everywhere I went today, people are talking about the cyclone, Cyclone Idai, that’s about to hit Zimbabwe (already hitting in some parts) any day from now. After weeks of enduring the scorching weather, people are longing a bit of rain to cool down the temperatures. Alas, its cyclone that’s coming and not normal rains.

If you want to be always on the update about where Cyclone Idai is now and when it will probably reach your city then you might find a certain web app useful. But I must warn you that you may need to really devote 10 minutes to play with the web page so that you can understand what the pictures and graphs mean. In short, it’s for meteorologists to grasp the data and as a layman, you are likely to struggle to understand what the graphs and pictures are saying.

Where can I monitor Cyclone Idai in real time?

Follow or click this link to go to the web app.


How to use the web app

If you have visited the web app, you can see a map that’s riddled with lines of different colors. Just pay attention to the Blue line-that’s the one which tells you Cyclone Idai’s direction. You can even zoom-in to see where Cyclone Idai is ravaging at the moment.

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