#Watch: The Samsung Galaxy S10E Is Not For Left Handers

The guys at The Verge have passed their judgement on the Samsung Galaxy S10E. It’s a great phone that will probably appeal to a lot of people especially those who are not enamoured by the big phone movement. However, there is a small problem. The phone has a power button fingerprint reader. It’s easy to use and reach if you are right-handed for left-handed people though, things can get a little less comfortable.

The S10E, also known as the S10 Essentials, is the cheapest of the three Galaxy S10s. The most expensive in the family is the S10 Plus which is selling for $999.999 (why not just sell it for a thousand?!), the standard version of the S10 sells for $899.99 a whole $100 less. The S10E  meanwhile is going for $749.99.

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4 thoughts on “#Watch: The Samsung Galaxy S10E Is Not For Left Handers

  1. right handed people will use their thumb, left handed users will use their index finger simple. how does that make it ‘not for left handers’??

  2. Hi,
    I’d like to know if its comfortable to use for a left hander and if its better than the one plus 6t(standard or mclaren edition)

  3. I have had this phone for just a few days now and as a lefty I have taken 30-40 accidental screenshots. Everytime I try to lock the phone a new screenshot.

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