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We Compensated Everyone Who Couldn’t Use Their Data Bundles During Internet Shutdown – Econet

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Econet has, to date, refunded all the customers who didn’t get to use their data bundles during the Internet Shutdown according to its Chief Operating Officer, Fayaz King. Mr King was speaking in reply to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information Communication which received complaints from “the public”/customers that some service providers had not refunded their data they couldn’t use during the protests. Here’s the full statement by Econet’s Chief Operating Officer:

I would like to reassure you that everyone who had bought a bundle and did not have an opportunity to use that bundle had their bundles returned to them and they were compensated, money was returned.

We are extremely conscious of the fact, when a consumer or customer buys anything from us and they are unable to use the service for whatever reason, we will go all out to ensure that they are compensated correctly so we do our analysis and we did it very, very quickly so it was almost on a daily basis

We looked, we saw who was unable to use that day and who had bought, who was purchasing and we duly refund them.

If there is anyone out there that claims that they did buy a bundle and they were not compensated during that day, we are more than happy to look at that particular case because I think our risk department, our revenue assurance department; our customer services excreta are extremely diligent and very weary of these things. If there is anyone out there who still believes that they were not compensated, please, you can refer them to us.

We have all the records of all transactions that were done and from the records anyone who was aected by the shutdown was duly compensated

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  1. I hope the statement is really from Econet with its silly mistakes that a corporate of the stature of Econet should be WARY of so that their reputation is not AFFECTED!!!! KKKKKK

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