WorldRemit Refuses To Remit Cyclone Idai Donations To Zimbabwe And People Are So Dissapointed

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WorldRemit is in a fix after their conversation with Freeman Chari, a successful upcoming entrepreneur was posted on Twitter. In the conversation, Freeman asks World Remit to waive transaction fees on the $23 000 donations he wanted to send to Zimbabwe for people affected with Cyclone Idai.

But the remittance service not only refused to give him a waiver, it told him that they can not process his transfer because the donations were collected from multiple people. Truly shocking!!! Here’s a screenshot of the conversation:


Here’s what some people on twitter started to say

Zintle Zimbini Mawawa @MpondoPrincesss
Wow more than a 1000 people have died in this natural disaster and this is  @WorldRemit response?

MuTonga Mwini

All that @WorldRemit was thinking of was “Wow! A Cyclone has hit these poor countries, we gonna make a lot of money out of this as remittances are going to flood to help with the affected.” A matter of life & death for them it’s all abt profits. Disgusting way of doing bznss

Chipo Dendere
Why I will no longer use@WorldRemit  Zimbabweans abroad send millions using your service each month and you couldn’t waive fees for victims of a cyclone. You’re pathetic- thanks @freemanchari for exposing this behavior. Thank you @mukurudotcom for stepping up
Replying to @freemanchari @DougColtart and @WorldRemit
As much as they are a business they need to understand that a successful business is built on compassion for others in need. Given, other people have built their castles from the pain & suffering of many but, it’s in the best interests of the company to come through for

World Remit reaches out

Later on, Freeman posted that personnel from WorldRemit contacted him and told him that they are looking for a solution to his matter. It seems like up until now, nothing has changed.

I’m fairly certain that World Remit will come up with a good arrangement because they don’t need a bad reputation especially at a time when they are trying to court more Zimbabweans to use their service.

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8 thoughts on “WorldRemit Refuses To Remit Cyclone Idai Donations To Zimbabwe And People Are So Dissapointed

  1. Here are the inconvenient truths. 1. Right-leaning capitalism rules the world, is the default state of human interactions, a zero sum game whose sole purpose in life is the accumulation of wealth. 2. Capitalism intentionally restricts the accumulation of knowledge needed to understand ourselves and the universe of which we know very little about. 3. Because of the apparent duality of life, there is left-leaning capitalism that tries to arrest the excesses of the right-leaning capitalism. 4. This results in a triangle with wealth at the top calling all the shorts supported by collaborators who force the masses to comply with the perpetual flow of resources to the wealthy. 5. The masses are mislead and fight amongst themselves even to death via divide and rule tactics of the wealthy and they are not aware of the chicanery. More to come.

  2. Problem is donation being sent to multiple ppl….world remit cannot determine authenticity of purpose for cash sent…he must send it to a single trust or to red Cross or something….he won’t win that battle. Ppl shudn make a story out of nothing…what if the 23k is going to his ppl here in Zim…food for thought

  3. Sometimes we are quick to lay down judgment. There are laws governing money transfers, especially international remittances. You know Freeman Chari, but WorldRemit doesn’t, neither can they prove beyond any doubt the origins, recipients or intended use of the said funds as he requested. For all you know, he’s not the only one who has made such a request to send a “donation” free of charge. How then are these requests vetted?

    Instead of creating drama, he could have just sent the money in HIS name. Surely, I don’t think that the donors would have had any problem with that, as long as all the funds were accounted for. It would also be above board with respect to the laws governing remittances. As well, I would assume that donors had factored in these charges. It’s a logical assumption. Instead, he chose to delay the much needed assistance, opting to paysocial media publicity games.

    There is an unusual Zimbabwean expectation for everyone to make exceptions for them, without taking time to understand the reasons behind.To put it simply: He asked if they could waiver, they said the couldn’t, then he threw a tantrum, he didn’t even ask for reason.

    Have we been asking government to waiver the 2% tax when making donations, or a waiver of EcoCash fees? No! Those who want to help will help, regardless of the obstacles in their path.

    1. We are human being pls change our thinking a d provide,all help to zimbave people dont play bad role in this time worldremit. I pray that to God pls help zimbave people

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