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Xemplar And JMP Africa Partner To Offer Car Insights And Insurance To The Zimbabwean Market

Move over Car Track and Econet Connected car, we have a new player in the game JMP Africa. Their car insights offering ( think something along the lines of Google Analytics here but for cars) allows car owners, including private and public vehicle owners, the ability to manage and track their vehicles or fleet in minute detail.

Much like with Econet’s services however JMP Africa and Xemplar’s services extend beyond vehicle tracking to include insurance. This is not your usual run of the mill car insurance that you are used to. Here car insurance is incorporated to the car insights technology that Xemplar provides.

This provides unique opportunities such as the ability to use insights data to calculate the accident risk of a given vehicle. This risk can then,for example, be used to calculate the premium that one has to pay instead of the usual one size fits all insurance that Zimbabweans have had to contend with thus far.

Below is a press release from Xemplar and JMP Africa

Xemplar partners with JMP Africa to enter Zimbabwe market

Wayne, PA | Mar 06, 2019 – Xemplar Insights, LLC, a Wayne-based company that offers digital platform and risk management solutions to Auto Insurers, Businesses and Families, has partnered with JMP Africa to enter African market with its flagship products.

Based in Harare, Zimbabwe JMP Africa focuses on the development and implementation of smart sustainable and innovative solutions integrating blockchain technology in Africa and beyond. They are developing “Road Runner”, an insurance blockchain ecosystem encompassing insurers, auto repair shops, tracking services and others utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cloud Computing and Telematics to create value in the Zimbabwean Insurance Industry.

As a regional partner for Xemplar Insights, JMP becomes an authorized reseller of the Xemplar solutions along with supplemental value-added services to the market to help accelerate innovation and digital transformation. “In our support of the development of sustainable solutions to drive economic and social growth in Africa, we are proud to partner with Xemplar to deliver a robust mobile based driver behavior monitoring platform in Africa. Africa is an emerging digital economy that requires tools that leverage on accessible technologies for cost effective products and services that promote safer driving and pedestrian environments in communities, reduced operational costs for businesses and ecosystem services that allow for rapid responses in the event of an accident or breakdown saving lives, time and money. We look forward to this exciting journey with Xemplar.” says Johnson Kuimba, CEO and Founder of JMP Africa.

Xemplar’s insurance solutions blend individualized driving data with actionable insights of the mobile-focused policyholders to progressively improve their driving behaviors and reduce the risk of accidents. Xemplar enables Insurers to enhance their risk assessment practices by leveraging the smartphone technology to assess risk, engage customers, and create another channel for marketing the insurer’s products and services.

“We’re delighted to further expand our reach into international markets and found an exceptional partner in JMP Africa,” says Xemplar’s CEO, SK Tirumala. “Our business model focuses on using innovation to improve efficiencies and reduce loss related expenses, which has become a top priority for auto insurers. JMP Africa is an emerging thought leader in Zimbabwe and is already making inroads by focusing on leveraging latest technology to help insurance companies and commercial businesses. Our products would complement their efforts in accelerating digital transformation in the region.”

About Xemplar Insights

Xemplar Solutions provide simple yet powerful features – to curb unsafe driving habits and offer new data to predict and analyze risks. These solutions are highly configurable and customizable to suit every Insurance carrier’s appetite and objectives. We expanded this easy-to-use technology to drive business outcomes for small and medium business with mobile telematics data. They are amazingly economical and deliver high value at a fraction of the cost. With teams located in the United States and India, Xemplar can support any global business to transform how they manage risk in their day-to-day operations.

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About JMP Africa

JMP is a African regional start-up company that is privately held operating in the smart sustainable solutions development in technology, innovation, design, engineering, consulting in the environmental fields of municipal solid waste, water, waste water, green fuels, civil construction, green building, green energy, technology and socially responsible precious minerals including software solutions for governments, corporates and the consumer public to increase productivity, efficiency and safety.

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