You Can Order A Meal Using The Nhava App And Get It Delivered On Your Doorstep

Do you want pizza delivered to your doorstep? Or maybe a bottle of some refreshments? There’s an app for that! Nhava is that app that brings your lunch, breakfast or dinner to your doorstep. With just a few taps on the screen, you can order a meal on Nhava and get it delivered without leaving the comfort of your home.

In many ways, Nhava works just like many on-demand apps (or delivery food apps) like Dial-A-Delivery where you order a meal from various restaurants to get it delivered wherever you are.

How Nhava works

  • There is not much you need to do to order a meal on Nhava. You first need to download the app
  • Sign up with your name and phone number
  • Select “Place New order” and select the restaurant you want to order food from.
  • Choose your meal. And maybe you want 2 sandwiches, so you can choose the quantity of your meal.
  • “Add To Cart”
  • You then see the total cost of your order (that is; the cost of food plus delivery fee)
  • Also, you get to enter the details of your address
  • Then just hit ” Process Order” and you impatiently wait for your meal to get delivered

Where does it deliver

Nhava is not delivering everywhere. At the moment, it only delivers to 14 different suburbs in Harare which you can see when you are about to enter your address.


Mode of payment

Unfortunately for many people, the only payment method Nhava accepts is cash. In a country that is experiencing cash shortages, many people may not be able to use Nhava simply because they don’t have cash. But I’m sure they are working on making it possible to pay with payment mediums like mobile money or debit/ credit cards.

Download the app here

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9 thoughts on “You Can Order A Meal Using The Nhava App And Get It Delivered On Your Doorstep

  1. Good one, but in a choked economy like ours, how many can afford such luxuries to make meaningful business, but hang on , who knows

  2. You’l be shocked at how many can afford this. Anyway, i think the issue of cash is because their systems is not natively zimbabwean thats why. Just use ecpcash merchant code or bank zipit It still works fine. Trust me. Most apps in Zimbabwe are actually not allowing checkout from within the app simply because we do not have a reliable payment gateway locally.

  3. I mean an eCommerce checkout payment gateway. Dont tell me of paynow hahah we really need something way better, easier to use than that. That can easily plugin to our eCommerce websites.

  4. Paynow is very good. we easily use it for Total card and many top ups, we use it for most of the online purchases.

  5. Most app use gateway that take credit cards and not really local paymnet system of theirs. its oly our banking that has lee of credit card use.

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