ZOL Increases Internet Prices Once Again

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Last year when the economy started its somersault descent, ZOL increased the pricing of their internet packages not once, but twice. Last night’s announcement to the same tune means the Internet Service Provider has now raised prices thrice in less than one year. This time they are owing to this shift to the Monetary Policy Statement and the new pricing will kick in from the first of April.

PackagesUSD PriceRTGS$ PriceGigabytes (GB)
Basic $39.00$97.5050
Family $89$222.50100 GB
Family Entertainment$149$372.50Unlimited
Modern Family$199.00$497.50Unlimited
Turbo Pack$399$847.50Unlimited
Wibroniks Unlimited$72$179Unlimited

The price change also comes with what ZOL supposes is a deal sweetener as they have increased the data caps for their capped packages. The Lite package will be going from 25GB to 40GB whilst Basic will now be capped at 50GB which is 15GB more than the 35GB customers previously got. Finally, customers on the Family package will now be getting 100GB instead of 75GB.

So how could the deal be sweetened for Unlimited users? Well, customers on unlimited packages will be “eligible to get a FREE Roku device streaming device valued at $110”. There are a couple of problems with this offer. If you don’t want a ROKU box there doesn’t seem to be any other way for you to redeem any value.


Secondly, ZOL has been trying to get rid of these set-top boxes for a while now and they don’t really have that much value to the ISP itself. ZOL tried to get rid of these boxes by discounting them during Black Friday to $59. Mind you that wasn’t US$59 so that should tell you that they have these devices and they want to get them off their hands as soon as possible. ZOL went on to offer these boxes with customers paying monthly instalments of $10-$15 over 12 months. Oh and this was bundled with free iflix subscription for 12 months and now that they are giving these away, it’s safe to assume that people didn’t find that offer as enticing.

The problem I have with this Roku box offer is that for customers to get any value they are going to have to pay additional amounts for Netflix subscriptions and lastly, it will be interesting to see what ZOL will give their uncapped customers in the event that demand for this Roku boxes is actually high and many people claim them and they run out. They are certainly not going to go out of their way and buy one to give it to you at no cost.

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12 thoughts on “ZOL Increases Internet Prices Once Again

  1. I’m intrigued by the label “free data offer” on the changes to capped data. From a legal standpoint, it’s as if the base data packages limits haven’t changed. ZOL is offering you free data which they may rescind in future.

    By the way, Roku boxes are while stocks last, so if you don’t get one that’s it.

  2. please techzim…… your articles these days aren’t thorough.from that dstv article and now this?wibroniks unlimited is 225…..thats what i use.No longer sure if i can trust any of your articles anymore.

    1. You are mistaken. Wibroniks Unlimited is and has always been $179. If you are paying $225 it’s because you are paying $46/month (during the 12 months contract). This is because you didn’t purchase your equipment outright. If you had you would be paying the base $179. I hope that clears it up for you.

  3. And salaries ZERO.,. all the lies we get told on daily basis on how low inflation etc. Who is going to help and build in Chimanimani? The Govt 2% tax?

    1. Certainly what hapoens when people lead a nation nehutsotsi. too much wickedness floating in our ways in zimbabwe. (mind you wickedness means knowing the right ways to do things but not doing them-according to Gods standards). So thats why zvirsiri kufamba until our leaders repent and turn the nation towards God. You will be mu wilderness 40years. Muchati hoo! trust me just watch, without true repentance from corruption, lies, neglecting the poor and stopp to impoverish tge already impoverished. Zimbabwe will ve in trouble after trouble. You fix one thing another will blow up. Inonzi curse inoda kureverswa. revururai vanha vevhu!

  4. Just got teloone fibre offer in the mail.. Same as the ADSL packages plus 110usd for modern… At $89 for 500gb fibre even if they double their prices they way ahead of zol. Plus free deod…. Really a no brainer

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