ZOL Reduces Pricing For WiBroniks Equipment, A Real Reduction

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After a topical weekend for ZOL and their ‘pricing alignment,’ we discovered some positive news on the pricing front. If you followed our story on the price increase you would have noticed that WiBroniks customers will continue paying the same prices as they have been all along which comes as a relief if you’re a Wibroniks customer.

The positive twist, however, has nothing to do with the pricing structure of the data caps for WiBroniks and instead applies to the cost of equipment for you to get in on the action. ZOL has lowered the pricing for all their modems quite significantly:

ModemOld Pricing (RTGS$)New Pricing (RTGS$)% Decrease
Indoor Modem$375$19953%
Outdoor Modem$575$24943%

In one of the initial articles we covered on WiBroniks I felt that the upfront cost you had to pay was too high. Now, this move makes WiBroniks much more appealing than it was before. As the table above indicates, those are pretty significant price decreases and they make WiBroniks packages that much more enticing.

Though Telecel has cheaper data on their WiBroniks-like service, I would still go with WiBroniks over Telecel because their service is more reliable than Telecel’s. NetOne’s One-Fi used to be competitive but the pricing went haywire back in December and that’s no longer an offering you take into consideration unless you have a money tree in your backyard.

ZOL also reduced the cost of equipment if you’re leasing (buying the equipment over 12 months) here’s what you will now pay:

ModemOld Price x 12 months (RTGS$)New Price x 12 months (RTGS$)
Indoor Modem$3221
Outdoor Modem$4625

If you were on an unlimited package on FiBroniks but you’ve had enough with the most recent price increase, the WiBroniks $225 Unlimited package could be an option to test out. That’s much cheaper than the $372.50 you’ll now have to fork out for FiBroniks.

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