Bundles Are Dead: Econet To Announce “Smart Data Bouquets”


NetOne has done away with bundles you knew and loved (OneFusion). Telecel has done away with the bundles you knew and loved (MegaBoost). Econet has done away with the bundles you knew and did not love that much, to begin with.

From 29 April, subscribers will be accessing the internet in a much different manner than they had become accustomed to. Econet is calling them Smart Data Bouquets and they will be structured as follows:

Bouquet 1: Twitter and LinkedIn


Bouquet 2: Instagram

Bouquet 3: Facebook and Snapchat

Bouquet 4: WhatsApp and Pinterest

We are not yet sure how these products will be priced but if Telecel and NetOne are any indicators, it will be more expensive to use the internet.

The data bouquets are quite interesting in that they’ll probably be an incentive to use one service more than the other. Hopefully, the data you get if you buy Bouquet 1 won’t be split between Twitter and LinkedIn. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use all of it for whichever service you prefer.

The new data packages don’t come as a surprise as we stumbled on the new packages when they were in early development.

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