DStv Launches An App That Helps You To Manage Your Account On-the-go

DStv has launched MyDStv, its app that will help you to manage your account wherever you are on your handheld device. MyDStv app is both available for Android and iOS users on their respective stores.

The app has a very sleek interface that’s quite appealing. For those who value aesthetics of apps, MyDStv app will definitely exceed your expectations. Anyway, you can forget about the looks of the app and just pay attention to what the app offers. On the app, users are able to clear error codes, check account balances, make payments, change packages, either upgrading or downgrading and updating their details.

But what the app offers is not wholly unheard of as users were already able to perform some of the functions on DStv’s self-help portal.


How to get started

To access most of those features you need sign up on the app. Signing up is just as easy as ABC- just after installing the app, you only need to input your country (where the account is registered), surname or mobile number and Smartcard Number. You will now be ready to roll.

The only function you can perform without signing up on the app is fixing errors.

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3 thoughts on “DStv Launches An App That Helps You To Manage Your Account On-the-go

  1. you guys are pathetic, what’s so difficult about inserting the actual screenshot of the app instead of these random pics?

  2. You should fully test apps before writing reviews. The app doesn’t allow you to access DSTv Now, e.t.c, it just opens the app if you already have it installed, or opens the Playstore for you to download it. A glorified launcher for DSTv related apps.

    If you were thorough you’d find that the app actually leaks account holder information, I won’t get into how it does that.

    The “sleek” interface may have distracted you from performing a good review.

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