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EcoCash Increases Tariffs

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Back in November, EcoCash announced a new set of tariffs for transacting on their platform and you would be forgiven for thinking that since then those tariffs haven’t changed.

The reality is that EcoCash has a new set of tariffs that came into being today and the new tariffs are said to be 30-80% higher than before by Telecompaper.

How did we come across the change? Well, we got a tip alerting us of the change and the tip read:

Good morning,
Seems like Econet have increased massively their ecocash charges today.
I have just sent RTGS$ 10 to a relative and they deducted 29 cents, yesterday it was 16 cents.
Have you heard anything concerning this please?

Anonymous tip

Afterwards a colleague and I sent each other some money back and forth just to see whether or not there was any shift. Sending $5.00 should see 7c being deducted but 12c was deducted instead. Similarly, sending anything between $10.01 and $20.00 used to see EcoCash taking a maximum of 72c but my colleague sent me $11 and got charged 83c.

After digging around a bit I then found the newly effected tariffs:

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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