EcoCash Increases Transaction Limits


EcoCash has decided to increase its transaction limits from the previous maximum of RTGS $500 to a new maximum of RTGS$1000. That means you can now send money or make a payment of RTGS$ 1000, for instance, in one transaction rather than doing two transactions of RTGS$500 and RTGS$500 separately so that you send RTGS$ 1000.


ECoCash hasn’t yet let out the charges that you will get charged for transactions between RTGS $500 and RTGS$1000 but when it does, we will let you know.


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7 thoughts on “EcoCash Increases Transaction Limits

  1. You people suck. I recharged my Netone through the ecocash as you have highlighted above. The airtime had been deducted from my ecocash but not credited as airtime to my Netone.

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