Having Trouble Creating A Kwese Account? You Are Not Alone.

On Monday morning ZOL delivered on its promise and started handing out it’s Roku Powered Kwese Play box for free to qualifying customers. The box is supposed to also come with 12 months of free Kwese iFlix.

Creating a Kwese account might be an issue

As soon as you boot the box for the first time it updates itself and once that process is done you are asked to activate the box by going to e.g for Zimbabweans and entering the code that appears on the screen. You will need a Kwese Account to complete this process.

If you do not enter this code you cannot use your box as you will be stuck on this registration screen. Normally this shouldn’t be a problem as creating a Kwese Account involves about three or four steps.


Step two is turning out to be a problem however. During this step you enter your phone number, click on generate OTP and Kwese is supposed to send a six digit code to your phone. Predictably you enter this code in a space provided and you are done.

The problem here is that the Kwese system does not seem to be sending out OTP codes in a timely manner and if you did not already have a Kwese Account you are stuck waiting for this code. I waited an unbelievable 4 or so hours for mine to arrive.

Finally I was able to register in the evening. During which time I received communication from Kwese’s help accounts (email and social media) acknowledging the problem and telling me it seems that the problem had been fixed.

We acknowledge receipt of your email and thank you for contacting us. We have rectified the issue. Our sincere apologies for the experience. Kindly reset the device using the reset button at the back then follow the steps below to register and activate your Kwesé play box.
Step 1:
Type in the link,
Select your country,
Log in if you have an existing account or create Kwesé account if you do not have an account,
Type your code on provided field.
Then you will be advised to select either a new customer or existing customer,
Select New, if you have never utilized any of Kwesé products previously,
Select Existing, if you have previously registered on our online web service or our APP OTT service. Your username will be the customer’s cell phone number followed by their password.
If you selected NEW – you will be routed to a new page, where they will be required to fill in your personal details.
And generate an OTP (one time password ) in order to verify their cell phone number.
Complete registration,
Update software.
Should you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

email from Kwese

Others seem to be having the same problem

I have noticed messages suggesting that some people might be having the same problem and it seems for some the problem is persisting. If you are having problems go to and ask for help.

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