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How To Block Game Of Throne Spoilers (And Other Shows)

Game of Thrones Season 6 8 is here and if you’re not up for waking up at 4am to watch it because you have a life. You have work, school or whatever other responsibilities that life throws your way.

The risk, however, of not waking up and watching when the show is being aired is that the moment you go on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and any other social media site the show is going to be spoiled. Everything that happened in that episode/movie will come to your knowledge and you’re left with not much to look forward to.

You may be wondering how you can avoid these spoilers and watch the show when you want? Well, there are a number of tools you can use. You can use Game Of Spoils – a Google Chrome extension that filters out game of thrones related content based on a list of keywords. Posts containing GoT spoilers will be blacked out for your own good.

…..On Twitter

If the problems you’re facing are specific to Twitter you can always mute some keywords of your choice by going to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Muted words and adding the list of words you want to avoid. The downside to this is that its cumbersome as you’ll have to add many words related to the show and if you forget to add something, it will definitely creep up on your timeline.

On Facebook you can also use a tool called Social Fixer to mute keywords like you would natively on Twitter. I don’t really use Facebook that much and on the rare occassions I use it I rarely see my friends talking about GoT so you might be safe without adjusting anything.

Though these fixes will work perfectly fine if you’re avoiding spoilers online it will be hard to do so if your friends are big fans of GoT and they are watching episodes before you. They are obviously going to want to discuss the show and you don’t want to be the joy kill who stops people from talking about their favourite show. Or maybe you do. I don’t know. Anyway, using social media less might be a great idea if you want to avoid GoT spoilers…

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    1. I don’t normally watch a lot of GoT related stuff on YouTube so I haven’t had that problem. But I’ll check in the settings if there’s a way to filter out YouTube vids

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