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Magic Time! If You Google ‘Thanos’ Here’s What Happens

Thanos destructive ‘snap’ can now be felt in your Google searches. As we await the release of Avengers: Endgame, Google has added a Thanos easter egg to their search engine.

In Google, search for the word ‘Thanos’. Once your results show up, click on the Thanos’ thick glove/gauntlet (shown below) that should be shown in the character’s descriptor section.

What should happen next is the gauntlet becomes animated, snaps, with several entries in your Google search fading into ash. Try it now.

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Image Credit: Business Insider India

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  1. ooh thats just sooo exciting, i can hardly contain myself…. woo hooo ! NOT !

  2. i wonder how many IT managers in Zimbabwe found this cr@p post to be worth reading?

    1. I will never want to work with people who think like you…All work and no play makes one an unbearable workmate.A sprinkle of humor here and there will never hate.I wish you yourself(or people who think like you) NEVER GET ANY MANAGERIAL OR SUPERVISORY ROLE..

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